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ShaDeL Enterprises LLC

Tax Preparer * Online Entrepreneur * Licensed Cosmetolpgist * Couture Upcycler

1300 3rd Street Southwest
Winter Haven, Florida 33881
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Welcome to ShaDeL Enterprises LLC's website. Glad you stopped by. Please take a moment to view, like, share, and subscribe to my websites and social media channels. ShaDeL Enterprises LLC is owned and operated by Sharon Delaine Robinson. I do my best to keep you informed on all things ShaDeL Enterprises. I started this company in 2014 after the loss of my mother and having health concerns of my own. I decided to do what I could to help myself and help others along the way. I decided to live an intentional lifestyle loving and living without regrets and being as transparent as I safely could. I have a lifetime of experience and would love to share them with you. Professionally, I am a Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Florida for over 30 years, I drove trucks and buses for over 20 years with a Class A CDL, Business owner, Online Entrepreneur, Designer/Crafter and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and honest friend.

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Upcoming Events

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26th August 2022

Sharon Robinson Upcycled Couture

Videos coming soon!

31st August 2022

Patterns and Pre-Cuts

The store is being stocked as we speak!

24th September 2022

Strands- Locs- Stitches

Strands Locs Stitches Salon is coming soon. Look for updates.